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The Play Within The Play

Decoding Hamlet’s journey and his moments with Claudius with a play that tends to shift emotions
and manage to keep you engaged till the very end.
Plot Overview

Act 1

Setting the basis for one of the best plays by Shakespeare tends to start on a rather surprising note as the ghost of King Hamlet surprises Bernardo and Marcellus. With their reactions coming into the fold and other experiences with Horatio, the decision to inform the incident to Prince Hamlet becomes clear as day.

Act 2

Hamlet’s madness and King Claudius’s plans of action take centre stage with all that is happening in this mix. As Gertrude and the rest come to know of things, various reasons are quoted to describe Prince Hamlet’s reaction to all that is happening around them.

Act 3

“To be, or not to be; that is the question.” As this expresses Hamlet’s current set of understanding, we get to see Shakesphere’s famous descriptions as he showcases his characters as three-dimensional. The crux of the play and the part that people have been waiting for stands to be clear with the end of Act 3.

Dramatic Structure
Hamlet Barbican



Gertrude Hamlet

A character that requires no introduction and the one that everyone fails to understand, Gertrude Hamlet completes the triangle between Prince Hamlet and King Claudius. 

Claudius Hamlet

Showcased as the villain and the mastermind of all that causes the problems, Claudius has his own set of plans with which he takes control of everything and changes things for the worse.


The chief counsellor of King Claudius and a proud father, Polonius, is a different character that forms the basis of comparison as his family, and that of Claudius is often looked at with different terms and aspects. 

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Hamlet Barbican in Performance

Restoration and 18th Century

19th Century

The journey that stands to be witnessed by those who understand and evaluate Shakespeare’s collection with ease.

20th Century

A different era brings a whole new layer of importance as Hamlet Barbican gets a unique shape and form, with the crux being the same. 

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